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Product Overview

Mockana Trading has been selling the Original Wooden Top Diffuser in South Africa since 2013. The Mockana Wooden Top Diffuser was developed and improved over the years to its present form. The product has 25% Fragrance Oil which is probably the highest available in a diffuser.



Mockana also has a range of other bath and beauty products to compliment the Wooden Top Diffuser.



We currently have 9 different fragrances:



Sugared Grapefruit - 160ml
Vanilla Coconut - 160ml
Forest Fern - 160ml
Exotic Rose - 160ml
Jasmin - 160ml
Wild Citrus - 160ml
Green Fig - 160ml

Cape Fynbox - 160ml
Spicy Bushwillow - 120ml
African Lemongrass - 120ml

We also have some amazing complimentary products such as Room Sprays and Candles.



We currently have 9 fragrances in our Room Sprays:



Sugared Grapefruit - 100ml

Vanilla Coconut - 100m

Forest Fern - 100ml

Exotic Rose - 100ml

Jasmine - 100ml

Wild Citrus - 100ml

Green Fig - 100ml

Cape Fynbox - 100ml

Spicy Bushwillow - 50ml

African Lemongrass - 50ml

Our Candles come in a variety of fragrances and containers:


Candle in Glass Container – 230ml / Fragrance: Sugared Grapefruit / Burn time: 50hrs
Candle in Black Hand Made Pottery Container – 250ml / Fragrance: Spicy Bushwillow / Burn Time: 50hrs
Candle in Grey Hand Made Pottery Container – 250ml / Fragrance: African Lemongrass / Burn Time: 50hrs
Candle In Raw Cement Holder – 350ml / Fragrance: Lemon Grass / Burn Time: 55hrs

Scented Candle in Upmarket Black Box - White Jar / Fragrance: Sugared Grapefruit / Burn Time: 50hrs

Soy Candle in Reusable Glass Dish in Luxury White Box / Fragrance: Sugared Grapefruit / Burn Time: 55hrs

Soy Candle in Reusable Glass Dish in Luxury Black Box / Fragrance: Green Fig / Burn Time: 55hrs

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