How to become a SARCDA Trade Buyer


SARCDA is strictly a trade show

As SARCDA Exhibitions are strictly trade shows, all Buyers need to register and submit their company documents for verification.
The verification may take up to 14 days. This is a once-off process.

What are the registration procedures and cost for becoming a SARCDA Buyer?

 All buyers are required to register and make payment online. No registrations/payments at the exhibition.

  • Trade buyers should apply to register online via the SARCDA website.
  • Have digital copies or your company documents (VAT or company registration document) on hand as one of these has to be uploaded for verification
  • Once you have applied and submitted your company documents, the SARCDA team will verify your documents. If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirming that you are a verified trade buyer, and with info on how to log into your Buyer Profile to make your non-refundable payment of  R200.00
  • On receipt of payment, a confirmation document with a QR Code will be emailed it you. Print out the QR Code and bring it to the exhibition.
  • No members of the public will be allowed access to the expo. Registered, verified trade buyers only
  • No cash/cards will be accepted onsite for registrations. Online system only.

Who may register as a SARCDA Buyer?

Any individual retail buyer working in the retail Gift, Fashion, Toy D├ęcor & Design industries can register as a SARCDA Buyer provided that he/she can supply their company VAT document and/or Company registration document for verification.

I have already registered but need to add new staff members who want to attend the show. What should I do?

  • Registration is per Buyer and not per Company. Each new buyer must register online, and pay a once off non-refundable registration fee of  R200.00
  • Registration is subject to approval.

My company is very small and I am not VAT registered. How do I gain access to the show?

You will need some proof of you working for or having a bona fide company. A Company registration document, a letter from your accountant, a bank statement in the company name or some proof will be required.

Who can I contact with Buyer related queries?

You can contact our Buyers' Call Centre:



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