10 June 2020

Dear SARCDA Buyers and Exhibitors

SARCDA Christmas 2020 cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to inform you that SARCDA Christmas 2020 has been cancelled. We had so hoped that we would be able to go ahead with the exhibition but, after careful consideration of all the various factors, we have concluded that it will not be wise to proceed and that it would be unfair to our exhibitors and buyers to postpone this decision any longer.

Various projection models and experts seem to agree that the Covid-19 pandemic will peak in South Africa in July/August 2020. Thus, even if we are allowed in terms of regulations to trade in August, it is unlikely that exhibitors and buyers will want to participate in such a public event at that time.

We were heartened by the responses received from buyers and exhibitors to a recent survey about SARCDA Christmas 2020. The overwhelming consensus from both buyers and exhibitors was that this exhibition provides an invaluable buying platform and our promise to you (to paraphrase the Terminator) is that “we’ll be back”! Several buyers made the point that “anything can be photographed to look good” and that nothing can ever replace the value of being able to see and touch an item before you buy it. Similarly, both buyers and exhibitors praised the value of face-to-face interaction and the benefits of relationship building and networking for trade all year round.

SARCDA Africa 2021, is scheduled for March 2021, and we envisage that this exhibition will play a key role in helping retailers to stock up after what looks set to be a modest Christmas season, given the financial constraints of Covid-19.

SARCDA Online will be live for all buyers from 1 July 2020 please download the SARCDA App and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and visit our website for more information on SARCDA Online.

Now that the decision has been made to cancel the SARCDA Christmas exhibition this year, the SARCDA team will turn its focus to how we will ensure the safety of buyers and exhibitors at SARCDA Africa in March.

In the words of more than one of our buyers, “the show must go on” and the SARCDA team is going to make sure that SARCDA Africa 2021 is going to be a bumper exhibition that exceeds expectations.

We look forward to seeing you at SARCDA Africa 2021 and will keep you informed as to our plans in the run up to the exhibition.

Until then, stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards,



SARCDA Africa 2021

10-12 March 2021

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