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Sonja Edridge
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Product Overview

We make luxury artisan jam& preserves, deliciously wicked twists on tradition, flavours to inspire dreams and sunshine!  Why be ordinary? As a chef, bubbling jams in my kitchen & serving them in our café’s, I decided it was time to offer our range to hotels & restaurants to match their splendor for those who don’t have the luxury to make their own.

Jams to spread with reckless abandon on freshly baked scones, dolloped onto toast with lashings of butter, or swirled into yoghurt for breakfasts, swirled into cream onto pavlova’s or into ice cream! Chutneys to spread on club sandwiches or add sparkle to marinades make charcuterie boards sing! All of the jams and chutneys are very versatile as they contain about 20% less sugar than other commercials, so they work in sweet & savoury dishes and of course are complete winners on a cheeseboard!

Made with love, seasonal fruit from local farms and in small batches just like your granny did, made from FRUIT not concentrate! No nonsense or rubbish included. The flavour alchemy are not meant to overpower, like us chef’s know a squeeze of lemon juice can just balance the dish.. Look at the the Guava and Orange for example, you won’t taste the orange outright but allows the sweetness of the guava and the addition of sugar not to be the overpowering flavour and enhance the natural flavours.

Currently we make them in 990g food service jars as well as 340g retail jars for hotels like to serve the smaller jars on the buffet table then refill with the large jars. This also allows hotels to sell the jars in the gift shops. We offer co branding as well as labelling under other own labels, as well as offering gifts perfect for corporate gifting. We have gift tubes which snugly fit the jars which too can be branded for company specifics or design purposes.

Our large 990g jars offer 50 x 1 tbsp portion or 25 x 2 tbsp portions.  

So far in the range includes:

Traditionalist range
Strawberry & Vanilla Jam
Apricot & Vanilla Jam

Whimsical range
Cherry, ginger & vanilla jam (our first love and firm favourite)
Peach, chilli & vanilla jam
Guava & orange jam
Lemon, carrot & vanilla marmalade
Grapefruit & raspberry marmalade jamalad

Chutneys & Ketchups 
Spicy Plum ketchup
Spiced guava chutney

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