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Product Overview

Sweetub & Wowtub (new!)
Nineteen delicious flavours of South African made candy in a custom resealable cup, beautifully arranged on our specialised rotational display stand.  It comes with a special surprise animal (Sqwishland) inside that unlocks various suprises online.  An invaluable asset for any dead or underutilised corner of a retail store.  Come and "chews" us!

Wowtub expands the Sweetub concept and delights with a variety of toy activities hidden in a convenient tub format.  Come and play with crystal mud, Floam and a variety of new fun toys sold in the "take it away" format.

Goliath’s new craze - STICKERFUN!

• Easy and fun way to sticker
• Unique patented mechanism
• Innovative design
• New on the market
• Lots of interest from several markets
• High qualitative stickers with special glue that
makes it able to remove them easily
• The new hype of 2018!

Watch the video at:

Please for more information

PlayMais®. A box full of creativity

PlayMais is an all natural crafting toy that is 100% biodegradable and doesn't impact the environment. It's made from corn grits and water, and colored with food coloring

- PlayMais sticks by just getting it a little damp with water

- PlayMais is easy to shape with your fingers

- PlayMais promotes fine motor skills

- PlayMais promotes creativity

- PlayMais aids in the development of children

- PlayMais high in educational value

- PlayMais is a natural product that's easy on the environment

- PlayMais - it's just fun!

Dampen, Stick it together, Shape it

PlayMais® is easy to form in any way imaginable; just cut, roll and squeeze. Making it damp with a little water will not only let it stick to each other but to a wide variety of surfaces like paper, cardboard, glass and flower pots.

PlayMais prides itself in continuing to defy all global trends by developing and manufacturing PlayMais in Germany. A rarity when taking a look at the toys available on the market. For PlayMais environmentally friendly isn't just a theory, as we trend set the standards for intelligent use of our planet's resources.

These Facts are Natural Winners.

When we make PlayMais we use corn grits from the whole corn kernel, cutting out the high energy consuming step of separating out the starch. From the cultivation of our organic corn, to using the leftover organic matter, like corn husks, to fuel biogas stations, environmental conscious thinking guides all our decisions. :

Our corn is grown close to processing site. All organic matter not used in the production process is used as fuel for the company biogas station, which in turn provides electricity, heating, and cooling for the premises. Leftovers from the biogas station are in turn used as the basis for fertilizer used on the fields for the next season's corn. This restarts the cycle. In this manner usage of non-renewable energy sources are kept to a minimum. The corn we use is grown purely for industrial uses. We do not use food or feed corn in our products.

IMPORTANT: PlayMais is not food but a toy and crafting material. Although completely safe it is not intended for consumption.

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