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Product Overview

The trend label “qudo collection” was founded in 2009 by the company LIZAS GmbH & Co. KG. It unites timeless elegance and selected materials in the most superb way. In addition to our premium-quality bracelets, you can also find rings, earrings, necklaces and watches in the repertoire of the label.

Highlights are set by sparkling Swarovski® crystals, shimmery Swarovski® pearls, glass cabochons and colored semiprecious stones. Harmonically selected color-combinations accompany in proper style through every trend and are combinable individually. The changing collections are always fashion-orientated and win over with bewitching freshness, modern play of colors and extravagant mixes of materials. QUDO is one of the leading manufacturer for custome jewellery in the mid price range.

Your go-to destination for the latest fashin-forward jewellery pieces that will compliment your everyday style with ease. We are a London-based jewellery brand bringing you wardrobe must-haves with an affordable price tag. We offer a range of beautiful 925 sterling silver jewellery designed to be mixed and matched, yet with such striking detailing they look just as good as standalone centrepieces. 

Connoisseurs is a global market leader in jewellery care, with it’s brand established in over 60 nations throughout the world, from North America to Europe, Asia and Africa.

For generations professional jewellers have been using Connoisseurs products to clean jewellery and watches. Connoisseurs cleaners are specially formulated to safely and effectively clean every type of jewellery.

Known for its product innovation, Connoisseurs has transformed the jewellery care industry with products such as the Jewellery Wipes™ and Diamond Dazzle Stik®

Sparkling Jewellery…Lasting Impressions

The effects of everyday life can diminish the brilliance of your jewellery. Perfumes, perspiration, body oils, soap residue, hair spray and even pollution all contribute in making jewellery a little less attractive each and every day. Connoisseurs specially formulated jewellery cleaning products will revive and maintain your jewellery’s natural beauty and sparkle.

Keep your earrings safe and secure!
Now you can protect all your stud earrings with just one pair of LOX locking earring backs!

Wear and celebrate your precious earrings without the fear of losing them and the special memories they hold.

The only product of its kind. LOX’s unique secure earring back technology gives you the confidence to enjoy your earrings wherever you go.

With its unique patented design they are simple to use, safe and secure, hypo-allergenic & fits 99% of earrings.

For the past 45 years, over 200 million people have trusted Inverness for safe and gentle ear piercing. Our system is used in jewelry stores, department stores, salons, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and body piercing shops in over 40 countries worldwide.

 Before Inverness was established in 1974, most ears were pierced at home using an ice cube and needle, or in the doctor’s office with a loud piercing gun. As an alternative, Inverness engineered a unique, medically-hygienic system that pierces ears in 3 Easy Steps: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce. Our sterile fully encapsulated piercing earrings and exclusive Inverness Safety Back™ provide peace of mind and the gentlest ear piercing experience possible.

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