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Vanessa Jacobs
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Product Overview

'Slab of Seed'is a planting chocolate that makes it 'sow' easy to grow your own heirloom veggies & herbs.  It looks like a bar of chocolate but plant it first, grow it, and then eat it!  It's the most inspirational way to grow delicious, organic food.

The super-soil blocks in the 'Slab of Seed' are infused with organic fertiliser and soil-biotics that not only help the food plant grow better but taste better too once harvested.  Each block contains special heirloom seed (the oldest and purest seed on earth) and grows into edible food plants: herbs, vegetables and berries.  

We have 3 collections: Exotic, Gourmet and Pure. The Pure Collection is a luxury range that somebody might buy for themselves to grow and the Exotic and Gourmet Ranges would cater more to give as a gift, so there is something for everyone.

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