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Nadine Vosloo
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Product Overview

Tjhoko Paint is a creamy and smooth chalk paint that leaves no chalky residue.  It is easy to work with and requires no sealant to grip to a painted surface.  If you like a matt look, no glaze (sealant) needs to be applied.  If you require a washable, wearable surface:  apply the Glaze with either a paintbrush or a cloth.  Both paint and sealants are water- based and eco friendly

1. The quality is excellent! 2. It is easy to use – no preparation is required, no sanding and no priming (undercoat) needed. The packaging is beautiful and user friendly. It is easy to open.   3. It’s already a sealed product that leaves no chalky residue. 4. Once painted and sealed with the Glaze, you can repaint again without any preparations required. 5. It grips to the following surfaces:  Wood, cement, tiles, glass, aluminium, varnished surfaces(provided that the item was varnished 6 months prior to painting , fabric, leather, walls, melamine, metal etc. 6. The colour pallet is beautiful and we can even custom make colours of your choice. 7. It saves time and money.  Instead of buying something new, you create it yourself. 8. You go a longggggg way with a litre of paint.  More or less 8m2, depending on the surface being painted. 9. The paint doesn’t turn thick and you never need to dilute it with water to make it usable.  Your brush doesn’t need to be wet to make it usable.  Just relax, enjoy and paint! 

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