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Celine Patterson
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Product Overview

Velas and Regali, importer and distributor of fine gifting, has recently imported Kringle Candle: a high-end scented candle range from the United States. The signature all-white wax candles are designed to work with any decor and have easy-peel labels for consumers looking for the elegance of a plain white scented candle in their space. The used jars are easy to clean and can be upcycled in many creative and practical ways.

The Kringle Candle range is available in 35 irresistible fragrances across five size options: a large 2-wick jar (approx. 100 hour burn time); a medium 2-wick jar (approx.75 hour burn time); a small 1-wick jar (approx. 20 hour burn time); a very cute and compact daylight candle (approx. 12 hour burn time) as well as 6-piece wax melts.

Kringle Candle™ two-wick styles are fragrance powerhouses, with double the fragrance throw and double the light output and glow. The even, clean and steady burn ensures no wastage and full use of the candle, therefore making the medium and large jars better value home fragrance options. The small 1-wick jar and compact daylight candles are perfect for smaller personal spaces such as bathrooms, work counters and dressers and make for wonderful add-on gifts.

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