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082 734 4988
Tia Wiblin
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Product Overview

Innate healing is the process of tapping into your body's natural balancing mechanisms for optimal health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

Innate Healing offers a powerful range of aura cleansing and energy healing products. Our products are hand made and combine the healing gifts of nature into therapeutic atomisers, Epsom soaks, smudges and DIY kits. Our ingredients include essential oil blends infused with crystal energy elixirs, healing essences, colloidal metals and natural spices, herbs, and flowers.

How do Auric Healing Products work? Your auric field (subtle energy field) is a measurable spectrum of energy layers making up the Human Energy Field. This field vibrates within and around all of us naturally. The balance and harmony of this energy system plays a vital and comprehensive role in our health and wellbeing. Each natural ingredient is chosen for its beneficial energy healing properties to innately activate one of the three foundational forces of healing - to Cleanse, Balance or Energise your system. Innate Healing's range of products give you access to powerful tools of natural healing. They are designed to be effective and easy to use, bringing healing and balance to your auric field and that of your surrounding environment.

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