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063 043 6552
Justin Hodge
Product Overview


Fluffi's are in essence ostrich feather keyrings, used for numerous practical things (de-dust laptops, car interiors or pretty much any surface, as ostrich feathers are amazingly naturally anti-static) but the top reason people love our Fluffi's™ is because you can always find them in handbags and pockets, tucked away easily (because the feathers are so durable) so a great way to never lose your keys :)

* 100% Handmade in South Africa
* Soft and colourful
* Anti-Static wonders
* Easy to find Keyring
* 'Must have' Bag charm
* Travel duster for laptop, etc
* Eco responsible
* Durable and washable
* Cruelty Free
* Supporting local communities

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