SARCDA AFRICA 2020 Stand Awards

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- Judging Critera -

What criteria were stands judged on?
The following criteria were evaluated on a 1-9 scale by a panel of five industry related, independent judges:

 Visual appeal:
The overall visual impact of the stand

The degree of creativity and originality

How effectively the goods are displayed and the space is used

How easy it is for people to move onto and through the stand

How effectively the stand is lit

The tidiness of the stand and the attitude of the staff

Congratulations to all our
Stand Awards Winners!

- Award Winners -

Best Stand Awards
Wechsler (5) E24
Best Newcomer Stand Award
Kiona Goods (5) W03
Stand Excellence Awards - GOLD
Pennylane (5) C01 - 06
Moyo-Fine Arts (5) F13, 15 & 17
The Whimsical Duchess (5) A30
Stand Excellence Awards - SILVER
Gingham Ceramics (5) C15
Innate Healing (5) W11
Jambo Imports & Exports (5) F01 - 06
Lighthearted SA (5) W16a
Lundie & Crowe (5) K06
Vagari (Pty) Ltd (5) G27
Stand Excellence Awards - BRONZE
Ikhaya Africa Export (5) G11 & 12
Elemental Décor Pty Ltd (5) L01
Trans Natal Cut Glass (5) B05 - 08
Cathby Trading (5) G16 - 18