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SARCDA Africa 2024

WED 06 & THUR 07 MAR | 09:00 - 17:00
FRI 08 MAR | 09:00 - 16:00

Gallagher Convention Centre

How to become a SARCDA Trade Buyer

SARCDA is strictly a trade show


As SARCDA Exhibitions are strictly trade shows, all Buyers need to register and submit their company documents for verification.
The verification may take up to 5 days. This is a once-off process.

 All buyers are required to register and make payment online. No registrations or payments accepted at the exhibition.

What are the registration procedures and cost of becoming a SARCDA Buyer?

  • Trade buyers should apply to register online via the SARCDA website.
  • Have digital copies or your company documents (VAT or company registration document) on hand as one of these has to be uploaded for verification
  • Once you have applied and submitted your company documents, the SARCDA team will verify your documents within 5 working days. If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirming that you are a verified trade buyer, and with info on how to log into your Buyer Profile to make your non-refundable payment of  R200.00
  • On receipt of payment, a confirmation document with a QR Code will be emailed to you. Print out the QR Code and bring it to the exhibition.
  • No members of the public will be allowed access to the expo. Only registered, verified trade buyers will be granted access at the door.
  • No cash/cards will be accepted onsite for registrations. Online system only.

Who may register as a SARCDA Buyer?

Any individual retail buyer working in the retail Gift, Fashion, Toy D├ęcor & Design industries can register as a SARCDA Buyer provided that he/she can supply their company VAT document and/or Company registration document for verification.

I have already registered but need to add new staff members who want to attend the show. What should I do?

  • Registration is per Buyer and not per Company. Each new buyer must register online, and pay a once off non-refundable registration fee of  R200.00
  • Registration is subject to approval.

My company is very small and I am not VAT registered. How do I gain access to the show?

You will need some proof that you work, or are the owner of, a bona fide company. A company registration document, a letter from your accountant, a bank statement in the company name or some proof will be required.

Who can I contact with Buyer related queries?

You can contact our Buyers' Call Centre: