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By choosing to make long-lasting, reusable wax shells in white non-fragranced, fully recyclable wax [as opposed to solid candles], almost 60% less wax than conventional candles of the same size is used in the process

The Wax Luminaries are not candles as such, but rather Wax Candle Holders

They hold fully consumable tea light candles or small votive candles.

Each Wax Luminary is individually handcarved, thoughtfully wrapped and beautifully packaged.

Most packaging materials are made from recycled products and fully recyclable


My name is Rupert. I am a solopreneur, and the founder and owner of LuvitHavit. My candlemaking journey started 31 years ago at the Cape Town Waterfront. 

LuvitHavit was founded in 2016 after an 8 year break, and born from an urge to be creative but with a renewed awareness of the environment and the effects of our choices and actions on it.


 Rupert Masuret
 072 179 5434
 072 179 5434


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