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The Camel Soap Factory products are fresh from the desert proudly manufactured in Dubai and pays homage to the Middle Eastern culture as well as some of the indigenous natural ingredients such as Camel Milk and Frankincense. Made of all organic and sustainable ingredients. It's all in the Camel’s Milk: As a primary ingredient, Camel’s Milk truly lives up to its name, “White Gold” widely believed to be a favourite of Cleopatra.

Camels have to survive in harsh and arid environments, they also do this very successfully thanks to their biological configuration to their environment. As resources are scarce, camels only produce 1/6 of the milk compared to conventional bovine animal such as cows. That makes Camels Milk highly dense in nutrients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, vitamins A, B2, C, D, E and minerals such as Potassium, Zinc. All of which are considered super food for your skin. From aiding in skin conditions such as Eczema/ Psoriasis, acne and wrinkles to rejuvenating skin tone and promoting skin elasticity and collagen production.

Some other notable ingredients include frankincense which serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory and Shea Butter which is considered for its amazing moisturizing properties. Unscented soaps have a lack of any fragrance to accommodate highly sensitive skin while the rest of the ranges come infused with rich and exotic fragrances from amazing Lavender & Rose Geranium to Sensational Oud essential oils, really creating an immersing experience.

We believe in ethical business. Therefore, all our ingredients, packaging and Camel Milk comes from sustainable and cruelty free sources. You can trust that we are friendly to our planet when running our business with minimal wastage and as minimal artificial packaging as possible. Resulting in eco-friendly product as much as possible.

Our Hessian bags not only create an eye-catching impression but are also bio-degradable, our range is chemical free, good for you and good for our planet. We are also expanding our complimentary lines following in the Bedouin culture. This includes our hand-loomed, pure cotton Camel Blankets and more coming soon.


When Stevi Lowmass (Founder & CEO) first started experimenting with cold process soaps, way back in 2011, little did she know that her kitchen-based undertaking would launch a company. Stevi had realised that there were few authentic, regional souvenirs in the UAE and that she could do something about it.

This was the starting point, inspiring Stevi to create something that is authentic to the Middle East and represents the culture of the region. Available as gifts/souvenirs for tourists to take back home. A decade later and over 1 million soap bars sold world-wide, The Camel Soap Factory offices in Dubai have grown exponentially as a family-owned business thanks to the natural ingredients and eye-catching packaging. We have also expanded into most corners of the globe including UAE, Australia, Europe and Asia. This amazing line of soaps is now available in South Africa through Stevi's sister, Pam Becker (Gecko Moon Trading) who is the sole importer in the African market.


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