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Housed in fully recyclable glass and paper packaging, Haylo uses only naturally derived ingredients. The ethos of the brand is to limit harm done to the environment and, although palm oil is a natural ingredient, we choose not to use it in our products due to the controversial nature of its farming and harvesting practises.

Products included in the Haylo Collection:

FACE GLOWS - reusable face glows which cleanse the pores and remove makeup using only warm water.  Due to the innovative HayloFibre technology, no chemicals, cleansers, or makeup removers are required.  A single Face Glow replaces the use of up to 500 disposable cotton/bamboo pads.  This one act will have a significant positive impact on the environment.

FACE AND BODY OILS - using the power of African heritage oils and botanicals to hydrate and nourish the skin, these products are gender neutral and suitable for all skin types.

BODY AND BATH - exfoliators, bath salts and soaps are gentle on the skin and use only pure essential oils, no chemical fragrance oils.

Haylo commits to contributing 1% of profits to the upliftment of women in rural areas, who harvest the raw materials used to create the oils and botanicals heroed in our products.



Haylo is a Cape Town based company creating gender neutral, clean beauty and self-care products using only naturally derived ingredients.  Harnessing the power of African heritage oils and botanicals in each of its products, Haylo unlocks the secrets of generations who have come before. Haylo is the natural choice for everyone who cares about their skin and the environment.

Established in 2021 when founder, Wendy Viola, was looking for a natural solution for her own skincare.  Research led her to discover the immense benefits of relatively unknown African heritage oils and botanicals.  These have proven so effective that they are contained in all of our products. 


 Wendy Viola
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 082 636 5009


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