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Louisa Gibbons
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Product Overview

Sensory play is crucial for brain development!

Data shows that parents have moved away from the idea of free outdoor play due to growing safety concerns and fear of crime. And this reality, coupled with the rise of technology, is prompting more kids to stay inside, where their whereabouts and safety can be monitored, and where television, video games, and internet activities are increasingly running the show. Serious repercussions are ensuing, so much that we’re taking necessary skills away from them, limiting their critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, and confidence. Consequently, as they get older, they don’t have the ability to manage stress, or problem-solve. We need to give them experiences to learn how to deal with conflict and to move away from being reliant on adults, and they learn these skills in play.

What is a sensory box?

A container filled with small, themed toys and a variety of materials. Encourages open-ended play and provides endless opportunities for experimenting and learning. It stimulates the senses while developing fine motor skills, visual perception, sorting and sequencing, pincer grip, hand-eye coordination and role play whilst aiding in reducing tactile defensiveness and providing a calming experience that greatly benefits anxious children.

How does it work?

1. Choose a themed sensory box

Our sensory boxes are carefully designed to develop crucial skills. Each set contains different mediums and small toys to fit the specific theme. Keeps kids occupied and calms. Storage containers make it easier to pack away and store until next time.

2.  Add a play tray

Give them a dedicated space to explore! Our play trays provide a contained area for a positive tactile experience.

3. Explore!

• keeps kids occupied
• develops crucial skills
• calms anxious kids
• fantastic gifts

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