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We manufacture a variety of products, from storage holders, to dinner table accessories, décor and small furniture, among others. Our homeware is created through a process of hipcycling, which is essentially upcycling discarded waste and transforming it into desirable products that would complement your home. Eco-friendly, handcrafted and 100% South African, each Lilly Loompa piece, once trash, is now a meaningful piece of treasure.

Our vision is to pioneer the way to a cleaner South Africa through INNOVATIVE upcycling. We have a 2-fold approach to reach our goal. Firstly we want to establish INNOcentres, which are waste collection and prototyping facilities. Here we aim to work with scientists and research the viability of problematic materials like plastic (whatever material is problematic in an area) which is polluting our areas.

Secondly, we would like to set up microfactories in communities. Here we will collect waste and turn it into marketable product. Community members can earn income by supplying us with good, quality waste. They can also earn by working in the production facility. Our aim is to change the behaviour of community to see waste as valuable, resulting in cleaner neighbourhoods.


Lizl Naude
Designer, upcycling queen, pioneer, and self-confessed homebody, Lizl Naude has over 20 years of combined experience in design, entrepreneurship and upcycling. She is a Social Entrepreneur from Cape Town, South Africa. She heads up her design business Lilly Loompa, a company that creates beautiful homeware made by upcycling waste material. ... All materials are carefully sourced from waste and sustainably reimagined as beautiful, yet purposeful products.

Ashley Naude 
Strategist, Marketer and award winning Green Activist. Social Entrepreneur and Restorer of families, Empowerer of people. His extensive life experience has equipped him to adapt quickly and seamlessly into most environments. His gift for establishing new organizations and ventures are second nature to him.


 Lizl Naude
 082 320 5589
 082 320 5589


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