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Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar is made from naturally sun-ripened and tasty apples. Every apple is hand-picked at the perfect stage to ensure that only apples with optimal ripeness end up in our product. Our vinegar is made very slowly and naturally to ensure that we get the maximum amount of flavour and goodness into the end product. It has no preservatives, no added sugar, no water added, contains the mother, is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised, it's naturally gluten free, is not made from concentrate, non-GMO, 100% South African.

The product comes in the following SKUs:
Box of 12 x 500ml bottle
5L bottle
1,000L flowbins

At Heritage Farm, we endeavor to farm as naturally as possible and are always exploring waste reduction techniques. As a result, we have an earthworm composting system where any waste product from our crops is turned into compost. The earthworms process the compost into highly nutritious vermicompost (improves the health of plants) which is used back on the farm to reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizers and thus enable us to farm as naturally as possible.

Until recently, about 10% of the farms apple crop was thrown away into our earthworm composting system, but a lot was wasted because the worms don’t like all the juice that comes with the apples. In our never ending drive for efficiency and in line with sustainable business practices, we no longer waste the juice. It is extracted to make Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar, and the remaining pulp is sent to the worm farm or fed to our sheep. Not a drop is wasted! The first batch of Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar was bottled in 2020 and is now available directly from Clan Leslie Estates or at various outlets across South Africa.


Heritage Farm is a family-owned farm and is situated in the mountains of the Eastern Free State. The farm originally started out as a cattle farm but quickly diversified into farming other livestock like sheep and a small wildlife component that includes disease-free buffalo, roan and sable antelope. Other areas of agriculture the business diversified into includes apples, maize, wheat, sugar beans, soya beans, rye, oats, and popcorn.

Apples, however, have now become the main crop.


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