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Welcome to Sichri Eyewear straps, the original South African brand that combines functionality and fashion to protect your eyewear in style. Our diverse collection includes the Ocean range, Vogue range, Safari range, Chain range, and Mens range, ensuring that we cater to a wide variety of styles and personalities. Our innovative products serve a dual purpose as glasses cords, necklaces, or wrap bracelets, providing the perfect accessory for both men and women. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or a practical travel companion, our eyewear straps will ensure your glasses are always within reach when you need them. Additionally, we offer mass manufacturing and customized cord designs and packaging to meet the specific needs of our corporate clients. Excitingly, this year we have expanded our range to include Sichri Sunkids at SARCDA, featuring kids' sunglasses paired with matching glasses cords. At Sichri Eyewear straps, we believe in safeguarding your eyewear while making a stylish statement.

SICHRI Eyewear Straps , headquartered in Nelson Mandela Bay is a locally produced, South African original brand dedicated to safeguarding your eyewear in a fashionably stylish way. Sichri was founded from refusing to wear those basic old-fashioned cords together with the frustration of dropping and loosing multiple pairs of designer sunglasses , this lead to the 70s eyewear accessory being resurrected in a modern way , with the first pair of Sichri eyewear straps being produced by the founder on her childhood friends dining room table.

After three years of global material sourcing, product testing, brand curation and product development, the brand officially launched in 2017, encouraging individuals to express their personality and share their colour through their selected fashionably stylish sichri eyewear strap.

All our straps are hand crafted with the finest materials, creating bold, fashionable, and downright daring eyewear straps tailored for you, your personality, lifestyle and occasion.

But it doesn’t stop there, while SICHRI gives you the benefit of sharing your personality to live life with courage and vision, you in turn give the benefit of sight to either a child, adult or elder through our partnership program with GraceVision.

Through purchasing our eyewear straps you are generating proceeds for equipment and operations to restore eyesight for those who do not have access to facilities nor can afford assistance.

SICHRI is a fashion brand that literally changes lives, creating a brighter future and better world for those in need through eyewear straps.


Founder: Christine Moss

I have always taken eyecare seriously and shielded my eyes from the harsh African sun with sunglasses, after all we only get one pair of eyes. Working in the events and sporting sector, i was always on the move and had my hands full, constantly dropping and misplacing my designer sunglasses . It is from this frustration combined with my need for glasses cords, love for fashion and South Africa, that lead to the formation of SICHRI eyewear straps.


 Christine Moss
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