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Our range extends from printed textiles which are sold per metre,  through to finished goods that make up our stylish and happy range of homeware and lifestyle products. 

We value quality materials, local production, reduced waste and great relationships

    • We only use natural fibre fabrics

    • Our textiles are printed in Cape Town using water-based screen printing inks. 

    • Our cutting and stitching is done at our in-house production studio where we manage quality and minimise wastage

    • All our textile products all have a woven Skinny laMinx tag sewn into a hem

    • Our zippers are supplied by YKK, made in eSwatini, Southern Africa

    • All products are supplied with a Skinny laMinx product tag making it easy to affix pricing

We would be delighted if you stocked our products and shared the view that we can indeed make our lives so much better by appreciating and enjoying every ordinary thing in this moment, right now.

We believe that pattern and colour makes us happy. And that we're able to share this joy through our products. Our business is owned, managed and run, by a group of strong and positive women.


At Skinny laMinx, pattern makes us happy, colour makes us feel good. 

Our top quality, long-lasting, practical goods are made to elevate ordinary activities into life-affirming moments, bringing a sense of satisfaction and joy to the everyday.

Everything we make at Skinny laMinx is designed by our founder, Heather Moore, who started the business in Cape Town in 2008.

Heather's clear, simple designs are developed in her studio using cut paper and lino printing. Her distinctive use of colour stems from a love of Midcentury style, and her patterns are inspired by everyday sights and stories, at home and on her travels.


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