SARCDA Retail Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

SARCDA Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

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Peter Papadimitropoulos
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Product Overview

Mister Tjoppie's Reusable Braai Sheet is the ultimate non-stick, no mess braai or conventional cooking companion.

Mister Tjoppie's Braai sheet and Gadgets will change the way you look at braaing/cooking forever. Whether on gas, coals or in the oven, the super thin, super slippery surface makes braai and conventional oven cooking healthier, easier and a pure pleasure.

Firelighter cage
MTFC1 • A Fire needs fuel and oxygen, the firelighter cage supplies your fire with the oxygen it needs to get going and reduces the risk of your firelighter being smothered • Place your cage on top of the firelighter, light and add your preferred charcoal or wood. • Reusable and use it for anything that you can pop into the slots.

Tjop Grillers aka the Fat Tanners
• Pop you favourite meat into the grooves to get that perfect crispiness • Multipurpose uses, Places your tongs, knives, serviettes etc in the slots • Stainless steel allows you to bend it for longer or shorter portions of meat or use 2 for long portions like ribs • Ideal for rendering fatty types of meats or cooking sides to perfection. • Up to 6 pieces of meat at a time • Use it in the Oven, Pan, Gas Braai, Charcoal or wood.

Utensil hook
MTUH1 • Hang on the side of your braai, over doors or anywhere you want to create space with design. • Mutli purpose uses, Places your tongs, knives, etc on to the hooks • Stainless steel allows you to bend it for your ideal use 

Helen Bean's beautiful and unique hand crafted ceramics

Mister Tjoppie's Grillers, pop your favourite meat in the grooves to get that perfec crispiness.

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