SARCDA Retail Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

SARCDA Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

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9 Amsterdam Street, Noordhoek, Bloemfontein, 9301
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Marjorie Human
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Product Overview

Muga Muga is the name for our range of jewelery, accessories and gifts. The name is pure make-believe and, like our range, it unique and based on imagination. Our products are created from the heart and inspired by the things we love, the things that make us who we are. It is nostalgic and truly South-African.  Muga Muga products are quirky and arty but we strive to make them wearable, affordable and of good quality, so that they can be owned and loved by many

The beautiful infinite details of nature is magnified in our botanical  range. Real flowers and leaves are preserved in resin and turned into unique and contemporary pieces. Wear an unrepeatable artwork of nature from a variety of Lemon verbena, Geranium, Salie, Daisy, Rosemary and other seasonal botanical jewellery items. Our Folk Range include handcrafted studs, dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces with intricate hand painted patterns and illustrations. Pure Indigo, fresh ultramarine blue, glowing emerald and deep crimson red tell a folk tale of bygone days. This versatile range reminisces about the textures and patterns of folk art, handcraft and embroidery.

Our Recycled range includes fun and versatile brooches, fridge magnets and keyrings made from 100% recycled used beer bottle caps. You will find a favourite to love in our range of vintage, cute, South-African, African, alternative and kids friendly illustrations. We collect all the used beer bottle caps from local pubs and clean and paint each one.

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