SARCDA Retail Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

SARCDA Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019

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Unit 113, Mason's Press, 7 Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock, 7952
021 447 9842;
Celeste de Kock & Shara Mordt
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Product Overview


We manufacture vinyl stickers to cover old tiles or empty wall areas in need of some detail. Our trendy stickers are not only limited to tiles, but can be applied onto any smooth wall or non porous surface. 

Our products are suitable for anyone looking for something to beautify their home, or someone who loves to do a quick DIY.

Anyone can renovate, and do so this in an affordable way, whether you own a home or renting a property.

There are also other ways of being creative with our products:  Try your hand at decorating windowsills, notebooks or recycle bins.  Cut them into decals to use on windows or furniture, the applications are limitless. 

We offer exiting ranges to choose from.   You can mix and match our various ranges to create your own exclusive look.

Our wall tile stickers and decals offer a stylish and affordable alternative to messy and costly installations.

Not only is this an ideal DIY product, but it is also packaged beautifully and makes a great novelty gift.

We offer tile and wall decals ranging from oversized florals, marble and Delft-style, all the way to intrinsic Moroccan styled designs.


* It's a beautiful and trendy product 
* You save time and money on installations
*  It is quick and easy to install 
*  No mess, no fuss
*  It is fun 
*  It has more uses than only interiors
*  It makes for great gifts
*  Waterproof
*  Outdoor vinyl quality 
*  Non-committal - if you change your mind, you can remove these stickers without leaving any residue

Robin Sprong Wallpaper is a reputable bespoke surface design company. We offer a full in-house service from conceptualization, design, manufacture and installation.  

Robin Sprong Wallpaper is the realisation of Robin’s drive to create one of the world’s leading surface design studios, with bespoke and custom-made pieces of the highest quality for local and international clientele.

Starting out as a self-taught photographer and fuelled by a need to make a dent in the Cape Town art scene, it was an introduction to digital printing that brought him to a life of design.

Robin Sprong Wallpapers was launched in 2006, and within the first year garnered industry attention. "What sets the work apart, then and now, is a focus on creative collaboration and artistic nurturance." 

Our vinyl products have been successfully selling in various stores across South Africa, Europe and Reunion.

For more information on our decals and wall tile stickers, visit


Fabric Bank offers bespoke digital printing and specializes in direct textile printing for all types of applications, varying from clothing to upholstery. This unique business offering does not only close a gap in the South African market but aims to create a local and international platform for artists and illustrators to showcase their work and potentially cross over to other artistic and creative avenues. “We focus on the development of local design and aim to assist all our clients to achieve their vision. We offer a service and platform that go hand in hand and hope to be able to promote and discover as much untapped talent as possible”, says Shara.

Their vision on their shared workspace, Design Office, is simple: to create a hub of design for people from all creative backgrounds, which is affordable, in a hot spot design area and allows the tenants to be exposed to different aspects of design that they might not be familiar with.

For more information on Fabric Bank visit,


Fabric Bank started out as an importer of digitally printed fabrics and currently, after seeing the demand for their product, introduced in-house pringing for clients.

Robin Sprong Wallpaper, a bespoke surface design company, started by Robin Sprong as a photographer interested in printing large format, became a popular choice in the interior industry.  


Our design collections can be translated onto fabric for upholstery, curtains and blinds. 

Robin Sprong Wallpaper have partnered with FABRIC BANK to enable pigment printing onto natural woven fabrics that are durable colour-fast and long lasting, ideal for high traffic areas, such as restaurant, hotels and public spaces. 

Studio 113 | Mason’s Press  | 7 Ravenscraig Road | Woodstock | Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 447 9842
Fax: +27 (0)86 670 5732

Fabric Bank | 20 Bowling Avenue | Sandton | Johannesburg
Tel:  +27 (0)11 057 5500
Email: |

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