SARCDA Retail Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019
Thank you to our Exhibitors and our Buyers -
your support ensures the success of our show!

SARCDA Gift & Decor Trade Show

SARCDA Christmas
22-25 August 2019
Thank you to our Exhibitors and our Buyers! Your support ensured the fantastic success of our show!
- See you all in March 2020 -


Congratulations to our Exhibitors, who went the extra mile to design and build creative stands of international quality!

Best Stand Awards
Hall 2 Pennylane (2) A05 -10
Hall 3 Jambo (3) FoL54-62
Hall 3 Ava Décor Pty Ltd (3) FoD83
Hall 3 Classy Kitchen (3) FoD130a & 130b
Best Newcomer Stand Award
Hall 2 Red Thread (2) J06
Best Toy & Party Pavilion Stand Award
Hall 2 Laceys (2) TP59-62
Stand Excellence Awards - GOLD
30 – 75sqm A TOY FOR YOU (2) TP15 - 18
30 – 75sqm Development by Design (3) FoL26
30 – 75sqm Elemental Décor Pty Ltd (5) W19 - 21
Less than 30sqm Major John (4) D07a
75sqm + Pennylane (5) B33 - 38
30 – 75sqm Tramontina (5) A32
Stand Excellence Awards - SILVER
Less than 30sqm Cape Island (3) FoD115a
Less than 30sqm Delicious Display (4) D02
Less than 30sqm Rosehip Design (4) D04a
Less than 30sqm Scentworks (5) B23
Less than 30sqm Thandana Bag Co. (3) FoL52
75sqm and more Trans Natal Cut Glass (5) C01 - 06
Stand Excellence Awards - BRONZE
75sqm and more MABIBUCH IMPORTS & EXPORTS (3) FoD120 - 125
75sqm and more Ikhaya Africa Export (3) FoD120 - 125
Less than 30sqm 'Lil Boh Beeps (2) L04
Less than 30sqm Ayala Bar Design (4) X04
Less than 30sqm Ciami Décor & Crafts (3) FoD147
Less than 30sqm Karin TerBlanche Signature Scarves (4) FoD147

- Judging Critera -

What criteria were stands judged on? The following criteria were evaluated on a 1-9 scale by a panel of five industry related, independent judges:

 Visual appeal: The overall visual impact of the stand

 Creativity: The degree of creativity and originality

 Display: How effectively the goods are displayed and the space is used

 Access: How easy it is for people to move onto and through the stand

 Lighting: How effectively the stand is lit

 Housekeeping: The tidiness of the stand and the attitude of the staff


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