5 Ways to Refresh your Exhibition Stand

  Published: 22/01/2020
  By: Cheryl Cliffe

There is no doubt that trade exhibitions remain one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching niche target markets. It’s helpful to explore ways to give your existing exhibition material a fresh new look and using ideas to make your exhibit stand out.

One of the most common criticisms we hear from buyers is that some exhibitors present the same stand, with the same products, every single year. Just like retailers constantly move their products around in store, it makes sense to change it up on your stand too. Not only does it mean that buyers must look around to find their firm favourites (discovering new items along the way); it creates the impression of a whole new stand.

1.Paint & Graphics - If you store your existing stand each year, a fresh coat of paint and some new graphics can take it from drab to fab! And don’t be scared to use colour – consider creating an aesthetically pleasing display by co-ordinating colours when setting out your products too.

2. Display Stands - Regularly refresh the display stands that you use to showcase your products – something as simple (and inexpensive) as a lick of paint and some eye-catching graphics can make display stands look brand new

3.Lighting - one of the most cost-effective, and dramatic, tools you can use to set your stand apart from its neighbours. Backlighting adds depth to displays and gives graphics (mounted onto Perspex) a warm glow.

4.Flooring – is often-neglected aspect of exhibition stands. Consider using one of the many modern options that are available (like wood – natural, painted or covered in graphics) to delineate your stand.

5.Technology - Last but not least, use technology to attract attention to your stand – this can be as simple as videos looped on monitors, product catalogues on tablets, or movement using gobos. The latter are templates placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light and are can be used to produce (moving or static) patterns, like logos or words, on your exhibition walls or floor.


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