How toy retailers can boost their bottom line...

  Published: 28/06/2019
  By: Cheryl Cliffe

Children know exactly what they want and it’s difficult to persuade them to stray from prevailing trends; but the good news is that SARCDA Christmas 2019 is just two months away and a wide range of toy wholesalers will be exhibiting at our Toy and Party Pavilion (in hall 2)

Exhibitors generally use this exhibition – the only local exhibition that caters to retail toy buyers – to launch their Christmas releases each year and you will be able to view all the latest toys and games in time to stock up for Christmas, boost sales and get those shoppers through the door.

Ideas for Toy Retails

Undoubtedly, the best way to keep customers coming back to your store is by becoming the go-to place for new and different toys. Here are a few ideas on how to encourage consumers to visit your store.

Cross-selling & Display

Cross-selling is an important sales strategy in most retail spaces these days and can really boost your bottom line when it comes to toy sales. Why not link your toy range to other complimentary items like clothing, stationery, and accessories? This not only gives you the opportunity to theme your displays from an aesthetic point of view, it also keeps customers coming back to add to their “collection”. And, while we’re talking about displays, make sure that you display your newest items so that they are easily visible from outside the store to draw shoppers in.


One of the main reasons that shoppers prefer retail shopping to online shopping is the desire to see and touch what they are going to buy before committing themselves. Make the most of this by encouraging interaction with your products – a demo area where kids can actually, experience the toy before they buy it is a sure-fire winner.

Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores are all the rage these days and give you the opportunity to literally take your store to another part of the shopping centre or into another space, like a school Carnival or sports day – without having to commit to leases or shopfitting costs!

Social Media

We live in the age of selfies – so much so that one would be forgiving for thinking that if it’s not on Instagram or Facebook, it didn’t happen! Why not create a space where children can take selfies with some of the latest toys – a simple giant photo frame with your store name and contact details is a great way of marketing your store

SARCDA Christmas 2019 is the ideal place to find those little gems that will set you apart from your competitors. Make sure your visit our Toy and Party Pavilion (located in Hall 2) and stock up to fill those Christmas wish lists! We’re showcasing a diverse range of toy wholesalers this year!


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