Page 6 - SARCDA Africa 2022_Exhibitors Guide
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                           Please take note of the following:

                      That you enter these premises at your own risk and that the
                    Organisers of SARCDA Trade Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd cannot be held
                                  responsible nor liable for:
                     Any accidents, injury or death to or suffered by anyone or any
                     loss or damage to property arising from fire, theft or any other
                      cause by whomever, whether or not caused or arising from
                    negligence, gross or otherwise, or a wrongful act of any person/s
                                    in our employment.
                    You are required to adhere to all Occupational Health and Safety
                              Requirements as per Act 85 of 1993.

                                 Right of Admission Reserved.
                                        By order
                             SARCDA Trade Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd

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