SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  3  Stand FoD24 - 27a, FoD120 - 125, FoD126 - FoD131

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Colette Tilley
Product Overview

Nceduluntu Wesley Community Project is a Non-Profit Organisation which functions as a project incubator, facilitating the establishment of sub-projects which generate income for members of the Wesley community.  It aims to build these sub-projects to the point where they become sustainable in the long term without being dependent on external funding

Nolusizo Weavers is a group of ten women from Wesley who hand weave beautiful mohair carpets. The mohair is recycled waste obtained from one of the largest mohair fabric producers in the world – based in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape

Siyakhula Felters is a group of 10 women who make needle felted animals and other small items from pure Merino and Southdown wool. 


The project started in May 2015 and within the space of a year they had created all sorts of beautiful new designs – illustrating that there are so many talented people in remote rural areas who only need the initial resources and opportunity to express themselves, develop their craft and earn much needed income.  The range of products continues to expand. 


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 Nceduluntu Wesley Community Project (The South African Craft Collective)