SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  3  Stand FoD174

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PO Box 26621, Hout Bay, 7872
Kerry Engelen
Product Overview

Microgarden products are designed to be highly productive, energy and space efficient .

Urban agriculture is the future. Growing ones own food has many benefits, there is nothing more enjoyable than eating freshly picked produce. Besides being absolutely yummy it is packed with goodness.

It is also a gentle reminder to the many beautiful miracles that unfold around us daily. In this way we too can hopefully learn to give back to this beautiful world we call home.

Sustainable homes are the trend. However, it is a trend with a conscious. One we are proud to be a part of. We have a selection of products that fall under this category:

Air plants
Air plants mounted on wood are ideal for creating your own green vertical wall .The wood is treated so you can hand them inside or out.They are water wise and easy to care for.

Bambu Kitchen Utensils
are made form 100% Certified bamboo - Everyone needs to have these in their kitchen, they are made of the finest bamboo and the finishes are excellent.

Shoo Away
This is the perfect Eco friendly way to get rid of flies. 100% Chemical free !!

Garden Art
For this product we teamed up with local artist Kim Black. We commissioned her to paint us some green, delicious yet arty looking veggies. We love her work !! We have transferred the art onto wood, bringing Garden Art into your home at affordable prices.

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