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021 903 6933
Christine Bothma
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Product Overview

Boerseep is a very effective, economical, all purpose cleaner.   It is effective in cold and hot water.

The soap is aged after it is made, and so it becomes very hard, making it very economical.  

Use  boerseep for ALL cleaning purposes in and around the house.

The word ‘boerseep’ is associated with stubborn stains caused by oil, grease, fat, sweat and sweat odours, grass, blood, wine, fruit stains, rust, ink, curry, mascara, perfume, traditional face clay, etc.

Use it on clothes, carpets, curtains, tiles, walls, baths, showers, stoves, windows, upholstered furniture, etc.

Boerseep even removes sticky price stickers on glass bottles. 

* Dissolve ONLY 20ml of grated boerseep in 750ml hot water and use as ALL PURPOSE CLEANER.

* Dissolve ONLY 2ml grated boerseep  in 400ml hot water and use in spray bottle for cleaning windows and carpets.

* In the washing machine:  Dissolves 125ml grated boerseep  in +/- 1L hot water and add to water in machine.   

It dissolves 100% and replaces the stain remover and washing powder. Because it dissolves 100% we don’t need softner and therefore the boerseep also does not eccrust the washing machine.

Lather stubborn stains and put the laundry in the washing machine. 

Ouma Hanna’s Boerseep is a natural soap with no additives, and therefore soft on the skin.

In the bathroom it replaces the body soap, face soap, shaving cream and shampoo.

It brings relief for sensitive and allergic areas on the skin. [The chemicals in washing powder irritates the skin]

For optimum results use boerseep for the person’s clothes and linen. It brings relief to dry flakes on the scalp, eye brows and moustache/beard. This even brings relief for teens with a problem skin.

Many dogs suffer from allergies. Wash your dog with boerseep, it moisturise the skin and even keeps the fleas away. 

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 Ouma Hanna's Boerseep