SARCDA Christmas 2018

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Magdalene Reddy
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Product Overview

“The African Art Centre is a non profit company which preserves and mentors the development of arts, craft and design; showcasing local creative talent to stimulate sustainable social and economic upliftment.”    

African Art Centre, is one of the longest surviving Non-Profit organisation of its kind in South Africa.  We have over 55 years’ experience and currently support more than 500 artists and crafters.  If you are looking for authentic, handmade gifts and would like to join us in celebrating how our initiatives have assisted some of the most economically disadvantaged people living in KwaZulu Natal please visit our stand or contact us. 

We pride ourselves in having a large range of products which are, fun, trendy and affordable and which meet the needs of men and women and girls and boys of all ages, cultures, shapes and sizes. Our products rise above the usual assortment of craft found at local markets and curio stores and include, Ilala Palm Baskets which are produced by using grass and Ilala Palm and contemporary telephone wire baskets and containers.  Our Zulu beadwork is seen as the highlight of our achievements and at the African Art Centre you will find unique handmade beaded jewellery for all shapes and sizes, ages and sexes.  We will also feature a wide range of affordable, original, handmade Christmas ornaments and gifts.  The variety of products include beaded, embroidered and felt Christmas tree ornaments and colourfully beaded tableware. 

What can be more rewarding than buying a product produced by hand by local artists and crafters?   Hearing about their inspirations and how they create their products helps tell a story when you share your gift.   

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