SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  3  Stand FoD148

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7A Long Street, Darling, 7345
022 492 2101
Frits Van Ryneveld
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Product Overview

The Darling Sweet kitchen in Darling produces Proudly South African toffees and toffee spreads in the age-old handcrafted tradition. Our focus is on 'clean label' products, thus adding no artificial ingredients or additives to our products, and making all our flavouring reductions ourselves using authentic ingredients. Darling Sweet brings you preservative free butter-rich toffees in a range of unique and exciting flavours. We also sell raw veld flower honey from the Cape coastal region and Fleur de Sel sea-salt crystals sourced from the nearby Velddrif salt pans.

One of Darling Sweet's main aims is job creation and career development opportunities for our local Darling community. Currently we have 22 members of staff responsible for the entire production and packaging process.

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, making sure that all our packaging materials are environmentally sound and recyclable.

At Darling Sweet we focus on quality of life and our motto - "Take Your Time" - relates not only to how we want our customers to enjoy our products, but also how we believe all aspects of life should be savoured.

Visit or contact Frits at or 0832354002

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