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Mammita Mapule Mogafe Shilubane
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Product Overview

Pink Milk is a Natural Luxe Bathing Range exclusively handmade with local (Africa) ingredients. We are a small batch production company based in Pretoria , South Africa. Our Products are made to enhance your bathing experience with high quality ingredients and African Royal Wisdom. Pink Milk Natural Luxury bathing products are available at floral boutiques and luxury gift shops. We understand and value quality.

Milky Bar Soap
Milky, Rosy, Woody, Herby, Floral, Fruity and Spicy.

The beginning of our bathing ritual. You will fall in love with this bar.

Shower | Basin | Bath | Manicure | Pedicure

Sugar Polish
Our Sugar Scrub is luxuriously aromatic and creamy.

Made to leave your skin feeling new and moisturised.

Indulge | Nourish | Enjoy

Shower | Basin | Bath | Manicure | Pedicure

Milkshake Toppings 
Give your bath some colour!

Throw some confetti to your and enjoy the relaxing scent and soften water.

Bath |  Diffuser | Manicure | Pedicure

Milk On Ice

A lovely luxurious salt soak hand mixed and left to mature for 3 weeks for a perfect relaxing blend.

Hot bath | Pedicure

Bath Tea

A milk bath infused with Cardamom, Elderflower, Lavender, Chamomile and a special blend of the finest oils and botanical to call it a day.

Shower | Pedicure | Hot Bath

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Aromatherapy Products
Cosmetics/Beauty Products

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