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BELOVED BEADWORK (CBI/SEDA/CDI) | Hall  3  Stand FoL26 - 35

Beloved Beadwork (CBI/Seda/CDI)

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Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700
071 936 6547
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Product Overview

Beloved finds its home in the Mother City, Cape Town. Here we handweave intricate, conceptual, expressive neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and rings using glass beads, precious metal finishings, a needle and thread, and some lovely algorythms. Wearers of Beloved live all over the world, and delight in finding each other. Our jewellery is also sold in galleries and boutiques globally, and we enjoy making connections with friends and colleagues who find new owners for our Beloved pieces.

This year we will be launching our 2018 jewellery collection, along with a new range of wall hangings. We will also be available to discuss the largescale artworks we have been making and exhibiting.

Product Category Listing

Corporate Gifts
Jewellery: Costume

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