SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  2  Stand M07

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6 Kenilworth Crecent, Harfield Village, Cape Town,, 7708
021 683 5521
Anja Wilkinson-Bienmuller
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Product Overview

Short company description of BEEING:

We are a start-up company with a start-up product: "Candelahs". They are more than candles; they could be magic!

Product description
Each Candelah consists of a glass candle holder and a common household tea-light. Due to the candle holder's refracting properties, the candle light is bent and creates mesmerizing patterns and motifs. We hand-craft 4 different types of Candelahs in 8 colours.

We nick-named our bestselling Candelah the "Dancing Star". Once the tea-light inside the candle holder is lit, it looks as though a star has been plucked straight from the sky and is now not only shining for you, but also dancing to it's own tune as the flame flickers.

There is a cosy aura that accompanies our "Rays of Delight" Candelah. The intricate design of this candle holder creates distinctive beams of light which illuminate their surroundings in a great selection of colours.

Both of these styles come in clear, red, gold, pink, green, blue, purple and bronze.

A colourful atmosphere can be enjoyed when lighting the "Rainbow Moments" Candelah. It looks like a celebration of light - like a silent firework. The light creates multiple tear-drop shapes which resemble small fragments of a rainbow.

Imagine taking a step back and watching our universe from afar. The "Star Cloud" Candelah looks just like that: a glittery, beautiful sea of sparkling specks. The Star Cloud Candle holder is available in clear colour.

Candelahs are attractively packaged in robust tubing and despite being of glass, survive a journey over many miles!

There are countless reasons to gift a candle. In light of this, we created a variety of gift boxes which display personalised messages. Whether you would like to wish someone a "Merry Christmas", "Happy Birthday", "Good Luck” or "Get better soon", or whether you would like to say a simlple "Thank you - you are a star" or a humble "I am sorry", one of our eleven gift boxes should cover the circumstance. If not, the 12th will be: a label with your customised own idea!

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