SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  4  Stand X37c

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Lindsay Hogan
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Product Overview

Hope Art Africa uplifts many impoverished women in Africa. We invest 100% of our profits in caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in Western Zambia. If you buy TWO bracelets you help us feed ONE orphan for ONE month! How awesome is that?

There are thousands of orphaned, vulnerable and homeless children in Western Zambia. This is the result of the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. The plight of the orphans is further exaggerated by desperate poverty and lack of basic needs like medical care and clean drinking water. In 2009 when we learnt that three out of five children die before their 5th birthdays, our hearts broke, so we started 'Hope Art Africa'.

We gathered a group of impoverished, widowed women from Mongu, Zambia, who shared our desire to help these children. These women started to create incredible items, mainly from recycled paper and beads. We helped them advertise and sell their beautiful handmade products – Hope Art Africa was an instant hit! The women started to grow in self-worth and were uplifted out of poverty as they started to earn their income!

During 2016 a group of caring, impoverished women from Wilderness Heights, South Africa, joined the Hope Art Africa team. They, too, started creating beautiful items and earning an income. We also invest all these profits in caring for vulnerable children in Western Zambia.

Hope Art is truly guilt-free shopping!

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 Hope Art Africa