SARCDA Christmas 2018

Hall  4  Stand F02

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Product Overview

LGP manufactures Fashion Jewelry and Watches for Promotions, Premiums and Catalogs.  Our clients are Direct to the Consumer marketers around the world.  Products are priced from $0.50 to $50.00.  We are vertically integrated from manufacturing to graphic design.  We work with your team to develop promotions geared to your customer base and price objective.   In 2017 we sold 3,500,000 units in 55 countries. Many of our jewelry items and watches contain genuine stones and pearls lending them additional value in the eyes of the public.  Let LGP's 4 decades of industry knowledge and experience work for you. 

Our clients use LGP products to reward current and entice new customers.   DiaFlame Is our brand name for the world’s best diamond substitute.  We also manufacture goods using Swarovski® crystals.  Consumers will recognize the very real value offered which will serve to enhance your own brand image.  We offer a huge variety of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, quartz analog and digital watches, all made to order.   Check our website, for the Special, ready to ship "Closeouts" that are available each week.   We work with your team to develop promotions geared to your customer base and price objective.  

 We have worked with many of the world’s largest marketers to produce successful promotions that increase corporate profits.  The satisfaction that consumers get from our products last far longer than a coupon.  Unlike a piece of chocolate that is eaten in a second, our fashion jewelry and watches leave a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.  Again, visit our website at to view our latest catalogs and brochures and to  learn more about our Company.    LGP clients become part of a winning team.  

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