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CLIP-A-CARD CC | Hall  4  Stand X10 - 12

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312 York Ave, Ferndale, 2194
011 787 3290
011 787 3290
Rolf Frankenhauser

Product Overview

Clip-A-Card cc is a greeting card and novelty products company. Clip a Card is a licensed distributor of Depesche products. We offer:

  1. High quality accessorized greeting cards
  2. Gifttags;
  3. Clipcards, the small card with the metallic peg
  4. The popular Afrikaans greeting card range Romantica and Emotions
  5. Angel pendats, armbands ,keyrings and bracelets
  6. Top Model and other creative book ranges from Depesche
  7. Stationary: Fashion pencil cases, crayons
  8. Plush toys

Our  top selling products are the creative colouring books  TOP MODEL from Depesche. Top Model has turned out to be a bestseller. Additional ranges also includes Princess Mimi for girls between the ages of 3 to 6 and colouring books for boys. Further ranges are: ILVIS fantasy world, Horses Dreams, Miss Melody and Monster Cars. In addition there is a fashionable range of pencil cases and crayons. For a detailed catalogue please contact us on

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Clip-A-Card cc

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