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Anke Nessbit
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Product Overview

What began as a hobby / home industry in Ilse Appelgryn’s kitchen in 1993 quickly took on a life of its own and became a fully-fledged family business in 1994 – making Kapula 25 years old today. In the beginning, there was just Ilse and one assistant, today Kapula boasts a staff compliment of 170 people and continues to grow. 

Our candles and ceramics are all handmade in Bredasdorp, using only the best (mostly imported) raw materials. They are then hand-painted with original designs; many inspired by our African heritage and composed of bright / vivid colours and patterns. Just over 13 years ago, we expanded into ceramics production, bringing our unique designs to this enduring medium.

Originally the designs all came from Ilse, and while she is still most active in this role today, it has grown to where design sources include her daughter as well as members of the painting staff themselves. This inclusive approach gives our painters a greater sense of ownership in their work, and has also been a great asset in terms of adding variety as well as keeping us current with modern trends (along with setting a few of our own).

Recently we achieved a very special milestone - on 14 November 2015 we were certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) as compliant with the global Standard for Fair Trade Organisation, and as a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation.

This is the highest level of membership status possible within the WFTO. Essentially what it means is that with this unique label consumers will be able to identify products in the marketplace that truly adhere to the ten principles of Fair Trade: Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, transparency and accountability, payment of a fair price, no child labour or forced labour, long-term trading relations, gender equity and women’s economic empowerment, freedom of association, good working conditions, capacity-building, and respect for the environment.

This label is backed by a robust and credible Guarantee System – it means that we have been through the most thorough assessment and review process, and are continuously monitored, in order to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for a more trustworthy scheme in the international market – one that guarantees that our products are produced and traded according to ethical and Fair Trade standards. Although we’ve endeavoured to trade fairly throughout our existence, it is an incredibly great honour to be officially recognized in this way. Looking to the future, we are committed to our Kapula family, our community and our country. We hope to continue growing in order to provide more people with something good – a job/skill to be proud of and have fun doing, a culture to celebrate, art to appreciate.

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